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But... what's Baby Pluto?

We all now how the little and beloved Pluto was mistreated in the past couple of years. The scientific community even demoted it from planet to dwarf planet or asteroid.
As planet rights activists we want to get Pluto to be a planet again. Let's fight for it.

Work Process

We’ve built a platform to buy and sell Baby Pluto's shares.

With some great tokenomics, an outstanding community and a great meme-token name, we are ready not to moon, but to take it to Pluto (that is actually far more than just mooning).

  • Presale on the BSC Network soon.

  • Ownership will be renounced upon launch.

  • 30% of all taxes earned will be redistributed between holders. This is between 2% and 5% of transactions, depending on buy or sell.

From BSC lovers to BSC lovers.

With the recent experience of all the other planet tokens, Baby Pluto knows exctly how to be a GREAT token. See some of our best features.

Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

We don't want to bother you. We just want to take you to the next level, with us :) Liquidity locked upon launch and ownership renounced, as every token should be.

Holders Rewards

Holders Rewards

Hold $PLUTO and receive tokens as people keep buying and selling.

10 Hour Token Burn

10% Token Burn

10% of all $PLUTO tokens will be burned.
You will smell the smoke and make your money work :)

Low Cap Token

Low Cap Token

$PLUTO will have a low initial market cap. We can't give exact numbers. Good x's ensured.

Anti-Whale Mechanism

Anti-Whale Mechanism

To avoid early dumps, $PLUTO will have an anti whale mechannism: 2.5% of total liquidity max hold and 1.5% max transaction. Easy.


6% tax on all buys.
9% tax on sales.
Double tax on sales of more than 1% of total liquidity.
We will redistribute the taxes earned in the following way.

  • 50% to Liquidity Pool
  • 30% Redistributed between holders
  • 10% to Marketing
  • 10% Burnt

The Timeline of $PLUTO

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